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Dairy Farmers Milk Co-operative (DFMC) is a quality raw milk supplier, separate from the Dairy Farmers brand. We supply Lion Dairy and Drinkswhich owns the Dairy Farmers brand.

Would you like to buy Dairy Farmers dairy products, or organize marketing collateral or equipment?
» Call Lion Dairy and Drinks on 1800 627 624.

Or, would you like to find out how you can become a raw milk supplier, or have any other business related to the co-operative?
» Call us on (02) 8120 4431, or email info@dfmc.org.au.

Dairy Farmers Milk Co-operative | the farmer-owned, farmer-run, quality raw milk supplier
Level 4, 737 Bourke Street, Docklands, Vic 3008

Interested in supplying DFMC?

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Mark Kebbell Executive Officer Mobile: 0432 046 768 Email: mark.kebbell@dfmc.org.au
Dominic Baxter Regional Manager Southern Mobile: 0419 711 663 Email: dom.baxter@dfmc.org.au
Tony Burnett Regional Manager Northern Mobile: 0428 632 148 Email: tony.burnett@dfmc.org.au

Lion Farm Services Team

Paul Rees Farm Services Manager Southern Mobile: 0404 036 300 Email: paul.rees@lionco.com
Daniel Dickeson Farm Services Manager Northern Mobile: 0407 282 944 Email: daniel.dickeson@lionco.com
Howard Smith Senior Technical Services Officer FNQLD Mobile: 0409 965 948 Email: howard.smith@lionco.com
Cameron Whitson Senior Technical Services Officer SEQLD Mobile: 0418 195 891 Email: cameron.whitson@lionco.com
Julian Manowski Field Services Officer – Lion Mobile: 0408 391 855 Email: julian.manowski@lionco.com

Board of Directors

Andrew Burnett (Chairman) South East Queensland Mobile: 0419 773 907 Email: andrew.burnett@dfmc.org.au
John Bywater (Independent Director) New South Wales Mobile: 0418 788 466 Email: bywater2@bigpond.net.au
James Geraghty Far North Queensland Mobile: 0427 972 355 Email: james.geraghty@dfmc.org.au
Grant Sherborne New South Wales Mobile: 0427 482 702 Email: grant.sherborne@dfmc.org.au
Vacant Victoria    
Adrian Dauk South Australia Mobile: 0439 829 993 Email: adrian.dauk@dfmc.org.au

DFMC Ward Representative Advisory Council

The following contact details are for DFMC members only. If you are not a DFMC member, please refer to the DFMC Team contact page.

Thomas Hamilton Far North Queensland Mobile: 0447 965 508 Email: hamos3@bigpond.com
Robert Kelso Far North Queensland Mobile: 0417 775 859 Email: robert.kelso59@gmail.com
Geoffrey Chalk South East Queensland Mobile: 0437 048 622 Email: geoffrey.chalk@bigpond.com
David Vonhoff South East Queensland Home: (07) 4692 7750 Email: bryanda@bigpond.com
Mark Whelidon South East Queensland Mobile: 0427 076 241 Email: m.wheildon@outlook.com
Clayton Alley New South Wales Mobile: 0427 635 760 Email: moomoo@activ8.net.au
Christine Farr New South Wales Mobile: 0417 464 525 Email: palmdaleholsteins@gmail.com
Di Gee New South Wales Mobile: 0448 448 346 Email: dpgee1@bigpond.com
Bill Williams New South Wales Mobile: 0417 665 952 Email: wsjwills@bigpond.com
Greg Ault Victoria Mobile: 0427 841 819 Email: gkajma@iinet.net.au
Vacant Victoria Mobile: Email:
Vacant South Australia Mobile: Email: