At the AGM, DFMC recognised the cream of the crop in milk quality through its annual Milk Quality Awards. The Awards are run in honour of long serving North Queensland industry advocate and former Farm Services Manager Ian Stewart.

Ian was passionate about milk quality and was a firm believer that if a farm was to be profitable, having premium milk quality was one of the pillars to success. The Awards are an ongoing legacy to his commitment and drive for the industry.

This year’s winners of the 17th Milk Quality Awards were chosen based on production criteria from the 2016/17 financial year. Eligible farms must have received zero demerit points for the year and have been active suppliers for the full 12 months.

Points are awarded based on volume, somatic cell count (SCC), total plate count (TPC), butterfat and protein (see table). If two farms finish on the same points a count back is conducted and the winner is chosen based on the higher fat and protein percentages. Our national winner is then chosen from our five regional winners.

The national runner up is RL & SL Skyring, Gympie, south-east Queensland, and the national winner, GR & JR Hawken Pty Ltd, Leitchville, Victoria.