DFMC has adopted a new logo which links with our past and yet demonstrates our status as a strong, independent co-operative that delivers secure milk contracts to our members.    

“After considering a number of options, the Board chose the new logo because it carries with it similar colours from our old logo but modernises our look and helps us to continue to build our own identity,” said John Bywater, Independent Director for DFMC.

DFMC was formed to represent farmers in 2004, establishing at the time a ten-year milk supply agreement with Dairy Farmers Ltd. Since then a lot has changed. Dairy Farmers Ltd was acquired and became National Foods, which then became Lion Nathan National Foods – now known as Lion Dairy & Drinks.

“The old logo was deliberately chosen to show the link between Dairy Farmers Ltd and DFMC,” said John.

“At the time, there was no thought of selling milk anywhere other than Dairy Farmers Ltd.

“While we still have a strong connection and milk supply agreement with Lion, we are a separate entity and the Board recognised it was important for us to demonstrate this through our logo.”

DFMC has agreed in principle to a new milk supply agreement with Lion that will maintain the clause that allows DFMC to call an independent body if a fair milk price cannot be agreed.

“To deliver ongoing security to our members and drive value for them, we need to continue to build on our independent position as a 300-member strong co-operative,” he said.