DFMC, together with Lion Dairy & Drinks, has announced milk prices for each region for the 2018/19 season that will commence 1 July 2018.

“By working together through our strong, professional co-operative we have been able to secure market-leading milk prices for our dairy farmers again,” said DFMC Chair Andrew Burnett.

“We know some farmers, including NSW farmers, have been facing considerable challenges this year including drought and rising input costs.

“It was therefore critical to us, as farmers ourselves, to secure a competitive and fair price for all our producers to help provide security and stability to our members’ businesses and families.

“Thriving, profitable and sustainable dairy businesses are key to a successful industry as are manufacturers – fair pricing is central to achieving this.”

In a media release, Lion explained that it was mindful of the difficult drought conditions facing many NSW farmers and was sympathetic to the impact this was having on higher feed costs and farm profitability. It said, “sustainable dairy farmers underpinned a sustainable dairy business, high quality products, happy farmers and healthy cows.”

Andrew added that throughout the negotiations, the fact that there is a very real threat to the milk supply was front-of-mind and drove the DFMC board to push for the price that was achieved.

“A deep understanding of the situation that some of our farmers face helped motivate us to communicate clearly the imperative for fair prices,” he added. “However, we acknowledge that even with these prices there will be ongoing challenges for some farmers.

“DFMC will continue to represent our farmers through our ‘stronger together’ co-operative approach to get the best outcomes possible in a competitive world.”

DFMC communicated milk prices to farmers on 22 June 2018 through direct emails and via pricing letters published on DFMC’s website. Lion simultaneously announced the prices.

Lion explained that their prices were a sign of their confidence in the industry and commitment to their growth strategy that is focused on driving profitability in key dairy categories with their dairy brands and innovation.